Privacy Policy

Our aim is to provide loads of recipes around the globe and to reach out to the people from different continents. We want to have a reach to small villages to big cities audience and to provide them healthy yet delicious recipes.

Our privacy policy says that all the recipes we are providing here is for free and we have rights to make it the way we want. If there is a traditional method to cook a recipe, we are free to modify, modernize and customize in a manner we find it good. We have complete rights to say a recipe is good or bad.

If you are going to cook one of a recipe from our website and if it does not come out good or becomes worst, we don’t take responsibility for how a recipe is going to be. We have full rights to block user/s if we find s/he involves in some bad activities on our website. We can even restrict you to visit our website.

Swati recipe privacy policy says that all the recipes here, whether it’s non-vegetarian or vegetarian that is written in the English language, you can share it as it is without making any changes or with anyone’s name. If you want to use our recipe on any website, you need to ask for permission.


What are visitors can do?

Any of our visitors can share our recipe on social media with a little modification/no modification suitable to them unless they are using our website link. All the visitors are allowed to give feedback or suggestion for some changes and it is our responsibility and rights to make changes.

If you don’t like something on our website or you want to have your say for a particular recipe, you are allowed to share your thoughts. We might consider your suggestion.


How to use Swati food website?

You are free to give us your valuable comments unless and until it justifies and relates to the subject, and do not contain anything that is inappropriate or vulgar.

You cannot say bad words or insult any of the members on our website nor to any other visitor by any means.

You are not allowed to demoralize or misbehave with any other fellow member. If you don’t like our content or a recipe, you can use contact us page and write your suggestion or whatever thought you have for it.

It is our job to decide which recipe we need to add and which we should not. Our privacy policy says that we are free to choose the recipe we want to write.

If you want to use one of our recipes, you need to ask for permission by writing to use before you use them on your website.


What if someone breaks the privacy policy? is a Google-based website, where you can comment on your Google account. If you do anything that does not meet our privacy policy standard we have rights to report you to Google and they may block your e-mail id permanently. We also may take serious action, if necessary.

Our privacy policy says that we have rights to accept/reject/modify/block or change a certain comment. If we don’t like your comment we can delete it without giving any reason. We may also block you for the potential visit on our website.


Changes in privacy policy

We have full rights to change our privacy policy anytime. We can change it without giving notice and it is your duty to check regularly for our privacy policy changes.


Terms and conditions

We do hope you have read our above privacy policy carefully and will use it in a good manner that helps us doing well.

We can change, modify, edit, cancel or delete any page/recipe from our website without giving any prior notice.

We do hope that you will follow our privacy policy while visiting our website.

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