Butter chicken curry recipe

Butter chicken curry recipe

Even when I hear the name butter chicken curry recipe it really brings my mouth full of water because the magical taste it has really made me go craving for it.

Anyone who loves to eat chicken dishes they also love butter chicken curry recipe and you don’t need to understand them how delicious this dish is.

From Asian countries to European countries, if there is an Indian restaurant near you, you will see the butter chicken curry recipe on top of the menu. I believe no corner of the world where you can find the absence of this excellent dish.

What makes this dish so special? Roasted chicken in butter then more butter added to the spices and herbs that are used to cook and finally a wonderful sauce that has a great texture and taste.

If you really like to make a simple yet very tasty chicken recipe then this butter chicken must be your priority. It is not only famous for a good taste but it really brings a really good appetite for you.

Butter chicken curry recipe
by Swati M.

Butter Chicken Curry Recipe

  • Course Dinner, Main Course
  • Cuisine Asian, Indian
  • Keyword Butter chicken curry recipe

Butter chicken curry recipe is one of the few recipes that don't need any introduction because it is cooked and eaten all around the globe with full appetite. The fried chicken with buttery spices increases the taste of the sauce.

More than that it is very easy to make, so on a day when you are seeking a comfort food then this butter chicken curry recipe must be on your mind.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 4 People
Calories 384 kcal

Today you have to stumble upon my website and it is my great privilege to guide you how you can make butter chicken curry recipe at home. That is not only a very comfort food to make when you had a tired day but also it is rich of a great taste.

I really like to make this butter chicken recipe often at home and there is a lot of variation I try out every now and then. But the dish I am sharing you today is the perfect butter chicken curry recipe.

If you like to make traditional dishes then you should try this butter chicken curry recipe whenever you want to enjoy it with your family at dinner table.

Cooking this easy chicken dish is pretty easy and you can also serve a new dish to your family if you have never cooked it before.

Chicken has always been my favorite and if you are also a chicken lover then you should definitely cook this. Making butter chicken needs two important things like butter and chicken breasts.

You cannot make butter chicken with chicken pieces that have bone intact and if you do then it doesn’t consider being butter chicken. This royal dish traditionally has been cooked with boneless chicken.

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